Not sure where to start?

Plan the garden you’ve dreamed of with an on-site garden consultation.

Planning the perfect combination of outdoor retreat and edible landscape takes a thoughtful and scientific approach.

Our Urban Farmer will conduct a comprehensive survey of your space and work with you to determine what look and feel you want. You’ll then work together to determine what varieties will be most successful in your edible landscape you’ve been dreaming about.

What we’ll cover

Available Light

Determine how much sunlight is available throughout the day for your new urban farm.

Food Preference

We’ll help you determine which of your favorite foods will grow best in your new urban farm.

Irrigation Needs

Determine whether existing irrigation is sufficient, or if another solution is required.

Aesthetic Goals

You don’t have to sacrifice a beautiful landscape to have a productive kitchen garden. We can help you have both!

Space Considerations

We’ll show you how optimize your available space so you can enjoy fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables year round.

Maintain Harvest

If you love getting your hands dirty, we’ll show you what to do. Not so much? We have maintenance plans for you!

By scheduling an on-site consultation, you are agreeing to pay a consultation fee of $75/hr.

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Evening and Weekend Appointments Available

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